Insider Tips

Insider Tips

It's time to talk about spring and summer! We’ve asked our Midas experts what's at the top of their lists.

Fun Silhouettes

Lighten up the traditionally sexy Y-neck style with whimsical motifs such as hearts, stars and more. There is no age limit on fun, so we suggest this style for anyone 2 to 102.

Add Color

Enamel jewelry is back as a must-have all year round. The eye-catching allure of enamel is what makes it a favorite for the warmer months, bringing color into your look without relying on precious gems. Give it a try to liven up your look, we’re sure you will only want to buy more.

Add Shine

The sun is high in the sky, and we are all about that golden shine! Shine brightly yourself in sparkle and mirror chain for that look that was made for summer days right into summer nights.

Playful Fun Earrings

These square hoops are so fantastic, you will never want to take them off. Face-framing in an effortless way, these modern styles will take the guesswork out of getting ready in the morning.